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Alishon International is led by Arpit Saini. We publish daily news and information of events and festivals, We have successfully completed our 2+ years of serving our online customers and readers. We also provide online services and special products on our Website.
As we all know that we share mostly Indian & American content and some international content that is why we have majority of Indian & American audience.

Arpit Saini created this website by his own at the age of 15 and established Alishon International & other online companies (which are yet to be revealed).

His journey on online world started by creating the following:

First YouTube channel at the Age of 12
First Song published at the Age of 12
First UHD 3D Catoon Animation series at the Age of 13
First App created at the Age of 14 ( Not published)
First Website created and launched at the Age of 14
First Online Company launched at the Age of 15
First Non Fungible Token (NFT) Projects launched at the Age of 15
First Crypto Investment at the Age of 15
First successful online service at the Age of 14
First E-Book launched at the Age of 17

Arpit Saini is now CEO & Founder of Alishon and other online companies ( will be revealed soon ) , Multi-channel YouTuber , Investor , 3D animator , Online Speaker , Graphic designer , NFT Artist and collector , Website designer & developer , Blogger and Singer. He shall soon launch his own English Music Band in 2023.
He is currently studying in High School based in India and will continue to expand his kingdom online.

If you want to deal our website, Net Worth of Website ( Not company ) : $2000+


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